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Come & Follow Me

Jesus said to His disciples, "Come and follow me......". And they - dropped their nets, left their business, or there families - and followed Him.  Now that was pretty simple - simple but not easy. For us in the 21st century it is still simple, but not easy.  'Yes Jesus I will follow you, just as soon as I take care of a few things. I will follow you when I am finished with this current project. I am following you. I am coming.'

This weekend we shift from daylight savings time to standard time.  In a sense, sometimes I think we are operating on our own 'Easy life time' and Jesus asks us to operate on Life following Jesus time. 

One of the truths the Leavell's are realizing, is that when Jesus says Come - or Go we must keep it simple even though it is not easy.  Obedience to the Lord, is simple, and it it immediate - it requires dropping everything and following Him.  Anything else may be easier, but I am not so sure it isn't Disobedience.

Missionary Volunteer Partners
Mark & Marybeth Leavell
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The Journey of Obedience begins

Most of you have probably heard that old song - "Lord, please don't send me to Africa" Well, that is what He is doing for Marybeth and I. Honestly, even though the song is tongue in cheek funny, it in no way applies to us. We have sensed for some time that God wants to use us in this next season of life to serve. The where has been the question. God is inviting us to join Him, not asking if He can join us. After a number of steps, we have become a Missionary Volunteer Partner (MVP) through World Gospel Mission. Our first assignment will be to join God in the work He is doing at West Africa Theological Seminary ( WATS ), in Lagos, Nigeria. Our first experience at WATS was in November of 2009 as a part of a two week missions trip. Since that time - six years ago - we have been back many times working in various ministry efforts at the seminary.

This experience however, will be much different. We will be actually moving there for up to a year. (There has been excited expectation mixed with 'what are we doing'?)  There are many unknowns that we will need to walk through before we actually 'land' there sometime in June or July of next year - 2016.  

We are asking you - our friends and family - if you would walk with us on this journey.  We really cannot do it alone. Would you consider 'adopting' a couple of old wrinkled geezers? (Actually, only one of us meets that definition, and it is NOT Marybeth).

We are asking you - our friends and family - if you would walk with us on this journey.  We really cannot do it alone. Would you consider 'adopting' a couple of old wrinkled geezers? (Actually, only one of us meets that definition, and it is NOT Marybeth).
There are no lengthy legal steps to take. There are no financial requirements to meet. There are no small print documents to sign. There are no long term obligations to fulfill. We ask only one thing. 

Will you talk with the Lord about it,  then listen to what He says, and obey what He asks you to do.

Over the next several months we will be sending out periodic updates on our preparation, and more specific details of our 'assignments'. And we will be giving you opportunities to assist us as we go.

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Missionary Volunteer Partners

​"We must go"

"We must go" she said on the other end of the line, as I sat in my car amidst a puddle of tears and confusion in McDonough, Georgia. It was in the Spring of 2001. Marybeth and I had just committed to move from Denver Colorado to Jonesboro, Georgia. All of that was good and exciting news - even though it seemed a little like Abraham going out not knowing where he was going.  The problem was that we suddenly did not have the promised job that had enabled us to close on a home in Georgia. We also still owned a home in Colorado. What were we going to do?  Two houses, one low paying job in Georgia, not sufficient to pay one mortgage - much less two.  "God, I don't understand'? What should we do?  I was suddenly brought back to the reality of the moment - when I heard Marybeth say even more forcefully  "It is just too clear - God  has told us to go to Georgia - and we must go". 

That was 14+ years ago, and we have seen first hand the miracles that God has worked in our lives because we stepped out of our fear and confusion and trusted Him and His direction "to GO'.  ( I keep insisting that I will sit down and write God's story of these past 14+ years)  But that is not the subject of this blog post.  What is the subject?  Once again, God is saying to us - You must GO.

Over the past several weeks or longer - we both have clearly heard Him say again,  "You must Go." The questions have been:  Where? When? How? Why? and in our humanness - What will we do?  

The problem is that God very rarely gives us all of those answers ahead of our obedience! Oh, that's right- Lord, I wish you had't reminded me of that!  What you mean is that I must first obey, before you fill in the blanks? And even then, you show us a little at a time in response to our stepping out. (I suppose you are right, that if you laid the whole thing out it WOULD be more than I could handle)

Now can I be candid with all of you my friends? There are immediately a whole list of 'questions' - thoughts - what ifs that come to my mind. 
  • “I’m confused because I’m not exactly sure what it is He wants me to do.
  • ​“I don’t know for sure that I can do what God wants me to do.”
  • "I’m too old.”
  • “I am not 100 percent sure this is God’s will.”
  • "I am scared I’ll fail.”
  • “I am not a leader.”
  • "How can we afford it"
Well, you get the idea.  It is at this point that I am reminded of something Dr. Henry Blackaby has said: "When God gives you an assignment, it is always a GOD SIZED ASSIGNMENT. Meaning? "Mark, you CANNOT do it in your own strength - Only mine"

So Marybeth and I have recently taken the FIRST STEP. Yes Lord, we will go!  There does seem to be a drawing to Africa - and specifically West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria.  Therefore, we met with World Gospel Mission in Marion, Indiana and have made application to join them as Missionary Volunteer Partners (MVP). This is a program where we will spend up to a year 'on assignment'. Beyond that we may renew, receive another assignment, or who knows how God will lead.  Now we will walk the journey - and the next steps - as God answers the remainder of the questions. We do know one thing for sure - WE MUST GO - and our God is already doing the heavy lifting to prepare the way.

We will certainly keep you posted, and covet your prayers. It is comforting to know that you will be 'walking the journey' with us!

Mark & Marybeth Leavell

Rivers Not Reservoirs
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Jonesboro, Georgia 30236

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